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Taming Naughty-Sue

Hello guys! I have just finished writing the newest chapter of my book. Here’s a little sneek peak from the chapter I call “Taming Naughty Sue”.

I felt the tingle of Kitsune magic at my back and the hint of perfume in my nose. I spun around with a grin on my face, saying, “I’m glad you came back…,” only to be greeted by the devilish grin of Natsumi, Kitty-Sue’s sister. She had changed from her business suit into a party-girl outfit, showing lots of leg and cleavage.

She gestured to the now empty stool to my right and raised an eyebrow while saying, “May I?” I nodded in defeat as she slid onto the stool, exposing even more leg. I noted that she had to sit forward on the stool to give her two tails room to move.

She gestured imperiously at the barman and he scurried over quickly to take her order. As he was shaking up her cocktail, she sniffed the air and said, “My sister was just here. She was Mmmm, happy; then horny; then angry; then she left. Am I right?”

“Close enough,” I muttered into my drink while trying to keep my eyes from tracking her bosom under that tight, blue (of course) dress.

She accepted her drink and with the tiniest tilt of her head, indicated that it should be put on my tab. She must have learned this from her Auntie, the Queen.

“You’re buying the next round,” I said, probably the first time she had ever heard that.

“Of course,” she lied, “That’s what friends do,” as she lay her hand on my forearm. Her touch was warm, and I felt the tingle of Kitsune magic in her touch.

Several drinks later, none of which she paid for, Naughty-Sue (as I mentally tagged her) was leaning against me, black furred ears tickling my nose as her hands rubbed my thighs. I was fighting a losing battle with my recently ramped up hormones when the piano player started with an old song, “Love the One You’re With.”

“Damn Euterpe,” I muttered into my fourth (or was it my fifth?) double.

“Who’s Euterpe?” asked Naughty-Sue as she nuzzled my chest.

“An ex-girlfriend,” I replied, expecting the same type of jealousy that Kitty-Sue had shown.

Looking at me with wide eyes, Naughty-Sue said, “Do you want to invite her back for a threesome? You know I have two tails, right?”

Momentarily shocked by her openness, I asked, “What does having two tails have to do with threesomes?”

“That’s a secret,” she whispered in my ear, “that only the most intimate of friends finds out.” Her hot breath sent shivers down my spine and thoughts of uncovering the secret of the second tail ran through my brain.

As if in warning, the piano player started into the Aerosmith song, “Crazy.”

Still, she was here, she wasn’t the least bit jealous, and I had no doubts as to her free will. Looking down at her body, butt wiggling to the beat of the song, two tails swinging in counterpoint, I realized I could have done a lot worse.

“Well, then,” I said, standing up from my stool and motioning for the bill, “Let’s find out.”

How I Met Her Sister

Hello there! How are you guys? I hope you’re having a great time like me. Anyways, here’s the latest excerpt from a chapter of my story called “How I Met Her Sister”.


Kitty-Sue stepped closer, within my personal zone, then jumped into my arms. I held her body close, feeling the taut strength of her gymnast ninja body. Although she had bathed and shaved me, and even slept in my bed, this was the first time she had hugged me.

Her head tucked into my shoulder, pointed ears tickling my nose, as her tail stroked my arm. She was so warm and inviting. I hugged harder and carried her to the living room, not wanting to trigger the bedroom spell that forced her into her fox form.

We sat in my easy chair, her in my lap, cuddling. The late afternoon sun streamed through the sheer curtains, highlighting her alien beauty. Dust motes danced in the air, jostled by our passage.

I ran my hands over her thighs, marveling at the hardness of her muscles, the smoothness of her skin. Her mini-skirt had hiked up around her waist, exposing her silk panties. Fumbling with her skirt showed that there was a Velcro closure on the back, allowing her tail to exit. Her panties had a matching hole in the rear. I fought down the thought of where she purchased these items, stifling a giggle at the idea of Amazon-Kitsune delivering.

The skirt came off and was tossed away as she continued nuzzling my neck. I reached between us and put my hands on her breasts, firm and heavy in my grip, and felt the rising nipples against my palms.

As her arousal grew, a pleasant scent rose from her body, a combination of her favorite perfume and natural scent. It was very different than the pheromone-laced scent she greeted me with on our first encounter.

She leaned back a moment, hands against my chest as she rode my hips, rubbing herself against my straining erection. Then she leaned in very close, almost nose-to-nose, and stared into my eyes.

Her eyes were the tawny gold of a fox, with slitted pupils that widened with her excitement. She put her hands on either side of my head, leaned in even closer, and whispered, “I don’t want to lose you.” Her breath was sweet and warm, smelling ever-so-slightly of the herbal tea she had recently drunk.

“You’re not going to lose me, Kitty-Sue,” I said.

“Damn right I’m not,” she said fiercely. She tilted her head and brought her forehead against mine and started rubbing while maintaining eye contact.

“Remember!” she said. I leaned my head to go in for a kiss, closing my eyes to concentrate on the soft velvet feel of her lips.

The Elvis Enchantment – The Return of the Sneak Peek!

Hello guys! How are you? Below is an excerpt from “The Elvis Enchantment”, a new unpublished story that I have just finished writing, which is also set in the Tokyo Supernatural universe.

I had three reasons for writing this story. First, I wanted to give Scott some backstory that explains his motivations and his attitudes towards witches. Next, I am a huge Elvis fan; in fact, the Ascended Ghost of Elvis will make an appearance in “Mages in Manhattan,” my upcoming ebook. Lastly, I also wanted to have a story for use as a freebie for my readers on the ARC (Advance Readers Copy) list. I will be giving this story out to any of you who sign up for the ARC subscription list. Signing up will enable you to receive rough drafts of my upcoming books. My only request is for you to send me your opinions or feedback about my stories and to post an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Note that any similarity to other Urban Fantasy universes is not intended.  Just because this story starts with Scott in a bar in Chicago, drinking micro-brew beers with a tall, skinny, dust coat wearing Wizard (who happens to have a fairy godmother who screws with his life), in no way means I appropriated those ideas.

I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it. If you enjoy the taste, sign up for my ARC list to get the full meal.

She came up to me and said, “I enjoyed your stories. I hope to see you here again.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again,” I replied with a smile.

“My name’s Rachel,” she said, holding out her hand. As we shook, she leaned in close and whispered, “I got your hair back from Heather’s purse. I think you’re too nice to hurt. Even if your stories are unbelievable.” With that, she removed her hand from mine, leaving a small slip of paper.

She hesitated a moment, as if in regret, then turned to her group. They hurried away and piled into a van.

I finally dropped the idiot smile and looked at the paper in my hand. Opening it up, I found my tuft of hair.

Maybe Rachel the Reluctant Witch wasn’t bad after all. Still, to be safe, I inspected the unexpected gift closely.

Examining the paper showed a phone number, surrounded by a doodle. A quick sniff confirmed the ink contained blood and a moment’s study showed the spell hidden in the doodle.

A damn vamp lure; guaranteed to ruin your night. If I held on to this, I would get chased by a starving vamp. I had a feeling that Heather was on the phone right now, calling for my doom.

A whispered word of power and the paper and hair flared up and disintegrated, along with my hopes for peace with this coven.

The taxi rolled up as I dumped the ashes in the snow.

I entered the taxi. My driver was a middle-aged black man.

“Where we going, sir?”

“I need to go to O’Hare Airport. Got a flight to catch,” I replied.

“Which terminal?” he asked.

“Japan Air Lines,” I said as I typed on my phone. I could make a reservation online, get to the airport and then I could be on a flight and out of the country by dawn. Everything I needed, from passport to clothes, could be found in my satchel.

I liked Mac’s beer, but pissing off the most powerful wizard in Chicago, as well as a full coven of witches, meant it wasn’t healthy to stay around. Given enough time, there were a lot of traps more subtle than the vamp lure that would be much harder to avoid.

I settled back into the seat and pondered that this was the third time I had been forced to flee a nice city after a run in with witches. I was going to miss Mac’s beer and the warm companionship of the bar.

That’s why I hate witches.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Mages in Manhattan!

What’s up, guys! I’m almost finished with the next book in The Ghost in Roppongi Station series. Lucky you, I’ll let you read a few lines from my new book which will be available two weeks from now on Amazon.

Kitty-Sue’s tail popped erect and she turned her sharp pointed nose towards the window. A second later, I smelled ozone and the faint scent of Akiko’s perfume while feeling the “tug” on our psychic connection. Interesting that Kitty-Sue could sense Akiko even before me.

Akiko popped in on us, appearing at the other side of the table. She was wearing her “student” costume; a mini-skirt in a plaid pattern, a white blouse that was button-popping tight across her breasts, with a red ladies tie wrapped around her neck matching the ribbon that held her long hair back, topped off by a black blazer with an insignia on her breast. Today, her insignia said “Hogwarts.” Poor girl was starting to assimilate my sense of humor. Sometimes I thought that she changed her insignia just so I had a chance to stare at her breasts.

“Hello, Akiko-chan,” I said, “Welcome back. How was your visit with your family?”

It was still a sore point with her that she was prohibited from contacting her family. She could only watch over them and protect them from supernatural threats.

“They are well,” she replied, “I had to chase away a Mononoke that was pestering my parents. They aren’t dangerous, but very annoying.”

Kitty-Sue placed a fresh cup of coffee in front of me, ignoring Akiko. There was still some friction there. I duplicated the cup to the ghostly plane and offered it to Akiko. She sat at the remaining chair; only the ever-so-slight bobbing up and down motion indicated she wasn’t really sitting on the chair.

“You realize,” I said, “the more you hang around your family, the more strange things will happen, right?”

At her first sip of spectral coffee, Akiko’s form solidified, becoming more distinct. “Scott-Sensei, what means ‘hang around’?”

“It means to spend time with someone or something,” I replied. “The point is, you have become a locus for supernatural forces, which naturally leads to a strange attractor phenomenon. Wait, I can make a chart that explains…”

I was interrupted by Kitty-Sue, “You’re a magnet for weird things now. They come to you cause you’re weird, too.”

“I’m NOT weird,” said Akiko through gritted teeth. The Ghost Mage of Roppongi’s eyes blazed behind her glasses, as tendrils of magical energy rose from her form and her hair lifted like she was sitting on a Van de Graaff generator.

Looking at me, Kitty-Sue said, “That’s pretty weird, right?” followed by her devilish smile.

At my reproachful look and mental tug on her collar, Kitty-Sue temporized, “No, sorry! You’re not weird. It’s that ring that you have. It’s an Artifact of Power. Very rare, very powerful! No one can make those anymore. That’s why weird things are attracted to you.”

Akiko’s hair settled into place, her eyes cleared, and the magical tendrils dissipated as she regained her composure.

“No one can make…, But Scott-Sensei…” she started before she felt my thoughts through our psychic link. She knew I had made the ring years before our first meeting, when I gifted it to her.

“Yes,” said Kitty-Sue, “He gave a silly ghost girl one of the rarest magical Artifacts in the world.”

I don’t lie, but letting others make incorrect assumptions wasn’t the same. Let Kitty-Sue think that the art of creating perpetually spelled objects was lost.

“And he gave a trickster Kitsune one almost as potent,” responded Akiko, pointing at the diamond studded collar that Kitty-Sue wore.

“Well,” I said, “I really consider those as loans…” abruptly stopping as both females turned to glare at me. Oops, never try to take back something from a girl.