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Another Tokyo Teaser

On my Facebook writer’s group, we will occasionally get writing prompts. I was intrigued by the below prompt and wrote a quick response. Let me know what you think.


Prompt – You’re sitting at home one night when suddenly there is a frantic knocking at your door. When you open it, you see your main character standing in the doorway. Why is he/she/it there, what do they want?


The doorbell rang, and I checked the camera. Nobody there. Then the pounding started.

Who could it be? I peeked through the peephole and saw him. Six feet even, frosted hair, slim build, with some kind of messenger bag over his shoulder.

Why hadn’t he shown up on the camera? Never mind, maybe a delivery guy. He looked harmless. I opened the door to ask what he wanted.

He walked past me as if he owned the place. I grabbed the strap of the bag over his shoulder and shuddered at the touch of something unearthly. It felt like warm leather, but had it squirmed under my touch? I jerked my hand away.

“Who the hell are you?”

“It’s me, Scott Freeman,” he said.

I stared at him. I had only sold a few copies of that Urban Fantasy series. But it looked like I had a deranged fan. He didn’t look much like the Scott in my imagination. Why couldn’t my first stalker have been a cute girl cosplaying as a kitsune?

“Whoa, buddy,” I said. “I’m glad you’re a fan, but I think you should leave. Maybe we can meet for a beer somewhere.” Somewhere far away, with lots of people, maybe a police box nearby.

“No, you idiot!” he said. “It’s really me. Look, I can prove it.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a big goddam knife, more like a sword. I heard that ringing sound steel makes as it scrapes against metal.

Damn, a psycho with a sword in my home. Too much excitement for a part-time author.

My back was to the door, ready to push back and run. But he looked fit; he could probably run me down and run me through.

At the look on my face, he slid the sword back into the bag. It must have been one of those theater swords that collapsed because it was much too long to fit in the bag.

“Look,” he said, “I don’t want to hurt you, although you have made my life hell these last few years. I’m here to warn you about bleedover from my world.”


“Yes,” he said, “it’s when the magical universe impinges on your gray world.”

“Gray world?”

“Quit repeating,” he said. “That’s what we call worlds without magic.” He looked around and shuddered. “The color of magic is missing in your world. Your damn imagination has caused a bleedover of magic from our world to yours.”

“But I like magic,” I said. “This world could use a little magic.”

“No, you idiot,” he said. Now, who was repeating? “Your world was safe until you wrote those books. Now magic is coming.”

“So,” I said. “Maybe I’ll get a kitsune girlfriend.”

He looked at my middle-aged paunch and sneered. I should have made him a little nicer. I shook as I realized I had started to believe him.

“Who do you think will come through first?” he asked. “The cute yokai, or the monsters?”

Check Out the New Site Header!

Hi TS fans,

I’ve been working on the site’s redesign, as well as commissioning new covers for the three books in the series.

Yes, I said three books. The third book should be out by the end of the year. As mentioned in previous posts, the third book will be called “Bar Sinister” and will feature our team of heroes in battles with mystic Yakuza gangsters, volcano spirits, and former foes.

I loved the covers prepared by my illustrator, Runno. His work is beautiful, containing details from the books that are only apparent to upon close inspection. Unfortunately, illustrated covers don’t sell well in Urban Fantasy. And my series needs to sell if I want to continue in this universe.

So I decided to go for a redesign. I contacted the talented Lou Harper at  Cover Affairs for a new take on my characters.

I will be doing a cover reveal later this year, but for a taste of Lou’s work, take a look at the new site header. It features new looks for Scott, Akiko, and Kitty-Sue.

Mages in Manhattan – Free Promotion 12 to 14 April 2018

For those who have following Tokyo Supernatural news via this website, now is a great time to jump into the series.

I’ve been invited to add my first-in-series book, Mages in Manhattan, to Uncanny Kingdom’s Giant Urban Fantasy Sale. During this promotion, you can grab my book for free, as well as find great promotions on other author’s books.

I’m very proud to be included in this promotion, as it includes many of my favorite authors.

Here’s the promo and link. Enjoy.

Giant Urban Fantasy Sale – Over 20 Books on Special Offer From 12 to 14 April!

A Ghost, A Magician, and A Kitsune Walk Into A Bar…

…then things get weird.

That’s the premise for the next Tokyo Supernatural book. Scott does a favor for Kitty-Sue, helping a human friend of hers quit her job at a sleazy Tokyo bar. How hard could it be to escort a girl out of a bar?

Pretty hard when the bar is owned by a mystical branch of the Yakuza. These unsavory businessmen take exception to Scott’s actions and try to take him out. Unfortunately for them, no one has ever bested Scott in a fair fight.

Did I say fair fight? There’s no such thing as a fair fight with the Yakuza. These mystic warriors have magical protections woven into their tattoos, protections that should protect them from almost any physical harm. But Scott has more than physical weapons at his disposal, much to the surprise of the Yakuza.

At the end of the fight, Scott finds himself the owner of the bar; something he had never wanted. That’s too much responsibility for a peripatetic magician.

Still, being able to hang out in an invitation-only bar that serves only top-shelf liquor, staffed by beautiful women, with Akiko’s ghost friends providing invisible security, seems like an easy life. As Kitty-Sue snarkily notes, Scott is right at home in sleazy bars.

Between Scott, Kitty-Sue, and the potent ghost-mage Akiko, almost no one can challenge them mystically. What could go wrong?

Of course, this is Scott we’re talking about. One night, Suribachi-Yama walks into the bar. The personification of the Suribachi volcano, with god-like powers, has a mission for Scott and won’t take no for an answer.

In this episode, we’ll see the return of Scott, Kitty-Sue, and Akiko. As well as the ever so-slightly-pregnant Ashley (the dragon of Lake Ashi). I’ll probably throw in a few more surprises.

I’m shooting for publication in September2018. Leading up to that date, I’ll be dropping sample excerpts here on the website.

Long term, I have a very rough outline for the fourth book in the series. If you were wondering how Scott and his friends will face off against the time-warping fae prince introduced in The Haunted Onsen, keep a look out for updates.

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