Latest Tokyo Supernatural Story Released

Great news! The next story in the Tokyo Supernatural world has been released on Amazon.  Here’s the blurb:

A chance encounter with the ghost of a Japanese schoolgirl introduced Scott to the world of Tokyo Supernatural.

Now he has drawn the attention of a much more powerful and dangerous enemy, Jorōgumo, the spider goddess. She hungers for Scott’s magic and his flesh.

Jorōgumo forces a young Kitsune, nicknamed Kitty-Sue by Scott, into enticing Scott to enter her web of silk and magic.

Will Scott become another meal for the spider goddess? Or will help from an unexpected source enable him to break the silken strands of the trap?

Will Scott escape the trap only to be ensnared in another web woven of Kitsune magic and sex?

Read now to find out!

Yes, as promised, there are monsters, hookers, sexy fox spirits, and even a magic sword included in this story.

A Kitsune’s Tale is the story of Scott’s first meeting with Kitty-Sue and how their relationship evolved.

As an extra added bonus, the first story in the series, The Ghost in Roppongi Station, is included with this ebook.

Welcome to the Tokyo Supernatural World


This site is dedicated to the supernatural world that exists beside modern Tokyo. It’s the most modern city in the world, but occasionally the magical will peek out and be seen by those observant enough.

Here you will find stories about:

  • A magician who breaks a curse holding a ghost on Earth, not knowing the consequences
  • A magician in a love triangle with a ghost and a kitsune
  • A fierce battle between a human magician and a spider-goddess
  • Yakuza gangsters with magical tattoos shaking down bars for tribute in Tokyo’s Red Light District
  • A child born of magic and her dragon godmother
  • A battle with a Samurai ghost, seeking vengeance for wrongs committed hundreds of years ago
  • Various Japanese deities who enjoy spending time at the bar
  • A female werewolf from the US who finds more than she expected in Tokyo
  • And magical swords, no urban fantasy would be complete without magical swords

All of that and more. We’re going to have fun!